About the Foundation

The seeds of the  Reforma Educational  Foundation were planted during the 2008 ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim . There seventeen visionary leaders--all of them former presidents of REFORMA-- met to brainstorm and discuss the long term future of the association. The end product of this meeting, after four years of  hard work, was the creation of the REFORMA Educational Foundation (REF). The Internal Revenue Service granted  the 501 © (3) status to the Foundation in  February 2013

The overall purpose of the REF  is to create a permanent endowment for the long term benefit of National Reforma. The interest from  that endowment will be the main source of funding for scholarships and financial aid for Latinos in the United States to pursue careers  in the fields of Library and Information Science.  In this respect the REF is the fundraising arm of National Reforma.

The REF vision is to create an endowment of more than one million  dollars within 5 years from its creation.

The REF works very closely with National Reforma and the Foundation Bylaws specify that the current president of National Reforma to be an ex officio Trustee.

The REF organized a very successful kickoff event in Anaheim last year and will  sponsor the second Denim and Diamonds Gala in Chicano in June 2013.



Case Statement:

The fastest growing Emerging Majority population (EM) in the United States is Hispanic.  Yet, throughout the history of ALA scholarship awards to EM only a small percentage potential Latino students have applied, and fewer still are the beneficiaries of scholarship awards.  The 21st century library workforce must become more representative of the nation's population.  We need librarians who speak the language of the people we serve, who know their traditions, their culture and their interests.  By supporting the REFORMA Educational Foundation, we can all make a difference.







REFORMA Educational Foundation

Fundraising Arm