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Donations may be made in various ways: 

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  1. In cash, via a check
  2. In kind (stocks, bonds, art, rare books, etc.)
  3. Planned (life insurance, etc.)

Making Cash Donations

Cash donations may be made by check made out to the REFORMA Educational Foundation to the attention of Sol M. Lopez, Treasurer at the following address:

P.O. Box 973365
El Paso., Texas 79997-2763


In Kind Donations

To make a gift in kind, please contact the President of the REFORMA Educational Foundation, Cesar Caballero, at, or at 323-304-6985.

In kind donations may include stocks, bonds, appraised art, rare books, cars, or real estate.  You will receive a letter for tax purposes listing the items donated.  We are not allowed by law to determine the value of in kind donations.


Planned Gifts

Planned gifts, such as insurance policies and bequests, may be made to the REF by contacting the President of the Foundation.  Contact information provided above.

Thank you for your generosity!


Case Statement:
            The fastest growing Emerging Majority population (EM) in the United States is Hispanic.  Yet, throughout the history of ALA scholarship awards to EM only a small percentage potential Latino students have applied, and fewer still are the beneficiaries of scholarship awards.  The 21st century library workforce must become more representative of the nation's population.  We need librarians who speak the language of the people we serve, who know their traditions, their culture and their interests.  By supporting the REFORMA Educational Foundation, we can all make a difference.





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